Wing Chun Weapons

Wing Chun weapons (Luk Dim Boon Kwan & Bart Cham Dao)

In the complete wing chun system only two weapons are include, people known as butterfly knives and the point pole, and as per wing chun concept both weapons are based on direct and simplicity of movement because it's easy to execute in the practical life also help in transfer the effective power and effective energy in opponent's body. It's is providing the good body language and body unity. Wing Chun butterfly knives is to short and good design for martial art comparatively other martial art's weapons, approximate 317.5 mm long, breadth 75mm and handle 153 mm, because it is so easy to use and carry. Wong Wah Bo was introduced first time long pole technique in the wing chun system through his student Leung Yee Tai and Leung Yee Tai was also teach his wing chun technique to Wong Wah Bo, it's means exchange of the art.

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Wing Chun Weapons

Butterfly knives is the best weapons for practice as well as handling, it’s short and simple.

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Wingchun's Butterfly knives

Butterfly knives is the based on directness because it is effective.

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Wing Chun Long pole

Students are practicing Long Pole with sifu in mumbai wing chun class.