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About Wing Chun Academy

Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy-India imparts wing chun kung-fu training in Mumbai. It is already affiliated to many valuable Organization / lineage. This is one of the most authentic wing chun kung-fu schools in India (Mumbai). It coordinates its efforts with other national & International organizations, particularly for Championship, Seminar, Fitness Camp, and other activity.

Wing Chun is growing in the martial arts world with great speed, crossing the Chinese borders it has it’s identity established in many other countries. We are the flag bearers for this sport In the International sports Kung Fu federation and we are expecting that soon Wing Chun will be recognised in the world Olympics as a sport.

Our aim is to make reach wing Chun as an academic sport in the world Olympics. This will make it worthwhile the efforts of the wing Chun practitioners and also give them the status of sportsmen. Wing Chun is a great martial art and to keep it limited to only a defence technique is an injustice to it. It is possible that your linkages in wing Chun are with varied masters and lineages, but we must go beyond these limits and lineages to give it significance as a pure sport so that it can progress unfretted. Also, this attention will wipe out the false feeling of mighty and low, and the importance is given only to the sport and its sportsmen.

Our Mission

To impart theoretical and practical knowledge to all students and martial artists who have curiosity to learn authentic Wing Chun and are looking for best wing chun classes in Mumbai . First we aim to spread the knowledge of authentic Wing Chun in Mumbai and then we will target to spread it across India. Our goal is to provide best wing chun training in India We believe that every Indian should have the knowledge of authentic Wing Chun irrespective whether he is a poor or rich person, Wing chun is not only for self defence, it’s a complete package of healthy life and we believe that wing chun a spiritual art and wing chun design on energy base.The international sports wing of wing Chun federation, we are inviting all lovers of wing Chun to make it reach the top of the peak in the world of sports.


Our Vision

The aim of the school (Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy, India) is to provide training to Wing Chun practitioners and to develop healthy exchange of techniques and ideas between instructors and student for genuine knowledge of Wing Chun Kung Fu.First we aim to spread the knowledge of authentic Wing Chun in Mumbai and then we will target to spread it across India. We are also planning to conduct seminar, workshop and knowledge centers in this regard to spread Wing Chun knowledge. We are planning to open separate Wing Chun class for poor people as soon as possible.We are respecting it as a traditional martial art but now we think it should become a sport.

Ip Man Wing Chun

Wing chun Is the one of the secrete style of kung fu. In 1950 Ip man moved from futshon and settled in Hong Kong after that Master ip started teaching wing chun in HK, and wing chun spread in general public (out sider or out of Chinese family) as a publically. Now Wing Chun Practicing worldwide, as well as Mumbai, India.

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