Wing Chun FAQ

#WIng Chun FAQ

Q: What is the starting age to join Wing Chun?
A: For Children :+3.5Y & Adult : No Limit.

Q: Is Wing Chun for self-defense or sports?
A: Wing Chun is purely fighting system, as well as sports.

Q: Why Wing Chun and not another style of Martial Arts?
A: Because wing chun is a close-range Self Defence, wing chun is a logical and Effective, easy to learn & apply, economy of motion, efficiency and practicality, etc. and I don’t know about other style.

Q: What is the recommended age range for learn wing chun?
A: Age 10 to 65 years old. Children below 10 usually find difficulty to learn and understand to energy concepts.

Q: What is Importance of lineage?
A: Nothing, There have no authentic historical evidences regard origin of wing chun, as per master's they have different history. So don’t believe in lineage, respect your sifu/master/teacher, Believed on wing chun’s contents & be happy.

Q:How many hr lessons are typically conducted?
A:Each section 1.5 hr to 2 hours. We will start with warm up, then will teach as per rank and syllabus in different group.

Q:Who is Ip Man?
A:The late Grandmaster IP Man was the famous wing can master and teacher of Bruce Lee, also he was the fathers of modern wing Chun, spreading Wing Chun into the modern era.

Q:Do I need any previous martial arts background to learn Wing Chun?
A:No, anybody can join wing chun, no need to experience.

Q:I can got certificate after training?
A:Yes, of course but need to give examination for each grade, after success you will get certificate.

Q:Can you give me one trial wing chun session?
A:Yes, definitely you can! one or more wing chun sessions.

Q:Do you teach authentic wing chun?
A:Yes, in the wing Chun system duplication is not possible, all data are available on the internet, so don’t worry! You can ask questions to us, regarding authentication till your satisfaction.