Wooden Dummy

Wooden Dummy (4th Form of Wing Chun)

The complete 108 motions of the Wing Chun wooden dummy form. The Mok Yan Jong, or wooden dummy, has always been valuable tool for any serious Wing Chun student. To help you learn how to use the wooden dummy. Dummy is basically short range technique system and in this form we learned how to create effective attack and defense, also the training delved into for generating a lot of Energy and force in very close range to the opponent. Wing chun dummy is the most important tool for development of technique and accuracy. It's a good way of body conditioning, and wooden dummy is best collaborator for increase of muscle groups, bone density and flexibility and intensity. Being a Wing Chun Dummy Design it’s like a human structure, Wing Chun Dummy has 3 arms like opponent hand and 1 leg like opponent foot, which represents an opponent's different- different style and body positions, and provide the accuracy in sparring system.

sifu dr. sonu kumar giri

Wing Chun Dummy

Sifu Dr. Sonu Kumar Giri Practicing Wing Chun's 4th form (Wooden Dummy / Mok Yan Jong).

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

A Few Moments with Sifu

Sifu Sonu Kumar practicing Wing Chun's wooden dummy in Shaolin temple, China with Shifu Shi Yan Peng(wu) 34th generation of shaolin warrior monk.

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Wing Chun Dummy Practice

Practicing Wing Chun's wooden dummy in Deng Feng traditional kung fu academy, shaolin temple, Henan, China.